Big Sur Big Sur focuses on a moment in Jack Kerouac’s life when, overwhelmed by the success of his opus On the Road and struggling with alcoholism, he retreats to his publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s cabin in the small, coastal California town of Big Sur. “Michael Polish” “mark roberts” “max biscoe” “kate bosworth”

53 jokes in 4 minutes

Quite a few of these are quite good.

Tour the Kennedy Space Center from your Desk

Last year I was finally able to make it out to Florida to tour the Kennedy Space Center. I was really glad we took the time to visit just before the last flight for Endeavour. Check out these awesome panoramas including some sections that we didn’t get to see.!/nasa Space Station Processing Center Bottom of launch pad 39A Top of launch pad 39A Endeavour space shuttle Firing Room #4 Apollo/Saturn V Center Apollo 14 Command Module Space Shuttle Main … Continue reading

Amazing video of whale breaching

You have got to watch this video of a whale breaching right next to a boat.

Lacrosse player Apologizes to Crew and Passengers for Cutting in Line on Southwest Flight

A Texas lacrosse player thought it was a good idea to cut inline even though his name hadn’t been called to board the plane. He was caught and his coaches and the crew of his Southwest flight orchestrated an opportunity for him to apologize. Check out the video.

Tilt Shift Video of Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Party

Tilt shift photography or in this case videography makes things look and feel miniature. These guys have done a great job combining video and tilt shift to show off the amazing sights of the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Party.

Man shoots himself point blank to test bulletproof vest

It looks real. I can’t tell for sure, but I do know one thing…I would never try shooting  myself with a gun to try out a bullet proof vest or armor or anything

Wow. Amazing Guitarist Jon Gomm shows Percussive talent

Jon Gomm really gets going around the 1:18 mark in this video, so don’t stop before that. He sings, plays, guitar, tunes his guitar and plays drums on his guitar all at the same time. A tremendously talented individual just said NO to Britain’s Got Talent when they called.

Freaky, freaky picture

Look at this image long enough and you’ll see the freakiness. Keep looking, you’ll find it. 

Plane loses propeller Pilot saves Plane and Passengers

The plame:  Cessna 172B. Somewhere in Mexico. Passengers are elated and a shot of the plane without the propeller at the end.

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